Thursday, July 28, 2016

Springtime on the Farm in the Federal Period

Springtime on the Farm in the Federal Period

Good day! I am back on the farm in the days of the early republic to show you what springtime chores I have to do. There are some new animal friends to play with and some to avoid! Some of you may know my cousin Caroline Abbott and recognize my family's farm from her book. If you don't know Caroline, then you know me as Susanna, a modern girl who travels through time once again visiting Coggeshall Farm in Bristol, Rhode Island. 

It's a lovely spring day. There's lots to do on the farm.

Follow me to feed the chickens....
Here chick, chick, chick.... Come and get your food.

We have all manner of fowl, including Rhode Island Red hens.

and turkeys! Try to catch this fellow and stick him in your cooking pot! I would like to use his tail feathers to make a feather duster. I will catch him by Thanksgiving! Just you wait Mr. Turkey!

Time to feed the game fowl.

Now I must help in the garden for spring planting season is upon us.
I need a quick break in the shade, by these purple flowers.

The men have been hard at work in the woodshed making things we need and repairing roofs and fences.

This is my new calf. Isn't she sweet? 

Time to herd the sheep inside their pen at the end of the day. If you do not have a sheep dog, you must go after the sheep and clap at them. Be sure to keep your distance. Sheep are very shy. They will run back home if you give them enough space. 
Here they are, safe and sound for the night.

Soon we'll shear the sheep and use their wool to make clothing and blankets for winter. I have just finished carding last year's wool with ym carding combs. This roll of wool is called a rolag or sliver and can now be spun into thread. More on that another day!

More pictures of the farm without my adorable self but the cute animals almost make up for it.

Thanks to my new friends, Miss Emily and Miss Eleanor for teaching me farm chores. 
Until next time,