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A Postcard From the Early 1900s

A Postcard From the early 1900s: A Special Guest Post

While visiting Samantha's time period, I received a postcard from her friend Ruth. Ruth is in Newport, Rhode Island visiting her parents and their wealthy friends. 

Ruth sent a postcard of Ochre Court, home of Mr. Robert Goelet. It was built for his parents, the late Ogden and Mary Wilson Goelet. The postcard shows the home from the Cliff Walk.

Samantha would like to share Ruth's letter to her with you. (or she would if she knew what the Internet was)

"My dearest Samantha,
How are you? I am fine. I am in Newport with Mama and Papa. Today we stopped to call on Mrs. Goelet who is in town for a brief time before returning to Europe. Her son Robert lives here now. He gave us a tour of the house. 
A portrait of Mr. Robert Goelet's father, Mr. Ogden Goelet.

The house was designed by Richard Morris Hunt, architect to rich and famous. It is very grand! Almost as grand as The Breakers, home of the Cornelius Vanderbilts. Ochre Court centers around the great hall. 

The Great Hall is decorated with things the Goelets brought back from Europe. On this floor there is a dining room which seats 200! It has gilded columns and a view of the ocean. 

Ochre Court has a grand view of the ocean

The dining room seats 200 people

There is also a drawing room, library, ballroom, conservatory, an office, breakfast room and the pantry.
The upper floors consist of bedrooms, boudoirs, a billiard room, master suites, baths, servant's rooms and sitting rooms. We were not allowed up there as only Mr. Robert Goelet is in residence most of the time. 

Mrs. Goelet used to throw grand balls here for thousands of people. Mama remembers how the ballroom glittered and shone when she danced all night during her debut Season. 

While Mama visited with Mrs. Goelet, I strolled along the Cliff Walk.
I stroll along the lawn at Ochre Court down to the Cliff Walk
Up the steps...

 I walked all the way to the Breakers. You can see why they call it that with the waves breaking on the rocks below. It is a beautiful view though.

The Breakers 

 I stopped at the beach to admire the waves before heading back.

I will see you soon. Your friend, as ever, Ruth Adams. "

If you want to know more about Ochre Court, which in your time is owned by Salve Regina University, you may read about it here. Mr. Robert Goelet's obituary tells you all about him. 

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