Monday, September 8, 2014



Hi, I'm Susanna! Welcome to my blog. I'm a modern girl who has adventures in time. I like to visit different historical people and places. Sometimes I let my (human) guardian come along too. I've traveled all over southern New England so far and even as far away as eastern Pennsylvania! Keep checking my blog to see where I will pop up. 

17th century kitchen garden - Roger Williams National Memorial, Providence, RI

A little bit more about me (the long version):
I was born in Baldwinsville, New York inside a factory that made dolls for the German company Götz (Little Sisters). I then lived in an orphanage in Connecticut. It was dark and boring there and I slept much of the time. I think I was known as Tess back then, for some reason because that is not my name. There was a girl named Lily who lived there too. Finally, I was chosen and came to live with my guardian. My real name is Susanna Mary Allin, named after my ancestor Susanna who lived in the 1640s in my very own neighborhood. I have lots of friends from different time periods and sometimes I have visitors who come to stay and I take them time traveling too. 

Me with my puppy Little Bear in present day

To answer your question, no I am not like the Travelocity gnome. I'm a valued family member and my guardian wouldn't let me fall off cliffs or whatever. I'm more like Flat Stanley only I can't mail myself anywhere until I can afford to pay for it. That's what my guardian says anyway. I'm working on her. I do have a flat counterpart and you may see her somewhere on this blog at some point, too.

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